an|swer1 [ `ænsər ] verb ***
▸ 1 reply to question, etc.
▸ 2 in a test/competition
▸ 3 explain your behavior
▸ 4 provide what is needed
▸ 5 do something as a reaction
1. ) intransitive or transitive to give a spoken reply to a question:
I want you to answer one simple question.
I don't know, she answered truthfully.
I'm still waiting for you to answer.
What's the matter? Answer me!
answer that: I could only answer that I'd seen them leaving together.
a ) transitive to send a written reply to something such as a letter or an advertisement:
She answered an advertisement asking for models.
b ) intransitive or transitive to come to the door when someone arrives at your house, or pick up the phone when it rings:
I knocked and a young man answered the door.
The phone rang and rang but she couldn't bring herself to answer it.
2. ) intransitive or transitive to try to give the correct reply to a question in a test or competition:
Answer one question from each section.
answer correctly/incorrectly: Not everyone answered correctly.
3. ) transitive to explain your actions to someone who has accused you of something:
answer charges/criticisms: How would you answer charges that your company puts profit before safety?
The president made no attempt to answer their criticisms.
4. ) transitive to provide what is needed, wanted, or asked for, especially in order to deal with a bad situation:
Their request for help was answered by the Red Cross.
answer a need: The development was built to answer a need for low-cost housing.
answer someone's prayers: When they saw the plane, they knew their prayers had been answered.
5. ) intransitive or transitive to do something as a reaction to what someone else has done:
answer (something) with something: He answered her look with a smile.
be answered by something: The attack was answered by an immediate military crackdown.
answer the description of
to look like the person or thing described
,answer `back phrasal verb intransitive or transitive
answer someone back to reply rudely to someone who has more authority than you:
Don't you dare answer me back!
I don't like children who answer back.
`answer for phrasal verb transitive
answer for something to agree to be responsible for something:
You have to answer for any errors in the calculations.
can't answer for someone
used for emphasizing that you cannot say what someone else will do or think about something:
I can't answer for my colleagues, but as far as I'm concerned this is a great proposal.
have a lot to answer for
to be responsible for a lot of bad things that have happened
`answer to phrasal verb transitive
answer to someone to have to explain to someone why you did something:
I answer to no one except the president.
answer to the name of
1. ) if an animal answers to the name of something, it comes to you when you call it this name
2. ) to have a particular name:
a small boy answering to the name of Andrew
an|swer 2 [ `ænsər ] noun ***
1. ) count or uncount a spoken reply to a question:
It was a tough question, but Ginny had her answer ready.
answer to: The answer to your question is yes.
give someone an answer: I'll give you a definite answer tomorrow.
in answer to: In answer to your inquiry, no he is not married.
a ) count a written reply to something such as a letter or an advertisement:
I wrote to her in May but I never got an answer.
b ) singular a situation in which someone comes to the door when you go to their house or picks up the phone when you call them:
I tried calling her again, but there was still no answer.
get no answer: Ring the doorbell and if you get no answer, knock on the window.
2. ) count a spoken or written reply to a question in a test or competition:
Write your answers in the space provided.
I'm sorry, but Paris is the wrong answer.
get the answer right/wrong: You got all the answers right.
a ) the correct reply to a question in a test or competition:
All answers are printed in the back of the book.
answer to: Do you know the answer to question 10?
3. ) count a way of solving or dealing with a problem: SOLUTION:
If you can't afford a decorator, the obvious answer is to fix it yourself.
answer to: There are no easy answers to this crisis.
something's answer to
someone or something that is similar to a more famous person or thing from a different place:
These boys were going to be America's answer to The Beatles.
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Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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